Dolores Ronayne - Holistic Therapist

I have been interested in an holistic approach to health and well-being for a number of years. This has led me on a continuing journey of healing and self-development. I believe that to achieve our best possible state of health we need to take care of every aspect of ourselves - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. I realize the difficulty of trying to find quiet and balance in the middle of a busy life and through personal experience I have come to appreciate the value of self-care, taking time to have regular treatments and to include yoga and meditation in my everyday life.

Embracing change I have moved from a very fulfilling if at times extremely busy life, to today, where I have learned to pause and to take time to really appreciate the joy of being. I have had the pleasure among many other adventures of traveling to Dharmsala, India, of spending a little time in Virginia U.S.A., in the Appalician mountains, and now enjoying the marvelous landscape of the place and the people where I live.      

I have worked with holistic therapies for the past ten years. In addition to my therapeutic qualifications I have an early background in both pediatric and general nursing. Together with my later training this has given me a great understanding of treating every aspect of the whole person – mind body emotion and spirit.

Today my work encompasses a wide spectrum of knowledge and experience. I have completed courses whose teachings and teachers have had a profound influence on me and continue to inspire my daily life and practice.