Polarity Therapy In Waterford

What is Polarity Therapy ?
Polarity Therapy is an energy-based therapy incorporating life-style counseling and bodywork. Many factors alter our state of health. The balance of polarities can be altered by touch, sound, movement and diet. It is an holistic treatment which aims towards a state of balance on all levels -mental -physical -and emotional.

Polarity Therapy

  • Works to unblock and re-balance our subtle life energies.
  • Improves the flow of energy, relieving stresses and tensions.  
  • Can help to identify and release negative patterns of behavior.
  • Aids recovery from grief loss and trauma.
  • Can help achieve our full potential for health

Your Polarity Therapy Treatment.  
An holistic, healing, treatment for you at RONHolistic Therapies. On your first visit we look at issues which are uppermost for you on the day, and which may be causing you anxiety, un-ease, or even tiredness and depleted energy. In comfort, in a safe and confidential space, each session lasts one hour. At first, you sit comfortably, while we help to bring your self-awareness to thought and behavior patterns, or lifestyle choices, that may be causing an imbalance and blocking the free flow of energy. During the latter part of the treatment you lie fully clothed on the treatment couch.

Various points on the body are stimulated, to release blockages and help to bring about a free flow of energy. Different parts of the body where there is blocked energy indicate various places in our lives where we are stuck.  
Polarity therapy can have a profound effect and be deeply transforming.
Lifestyle traumas, relationships, attitudes and the environment all play a part. In the polarity process attitudes and means of dealing with situations can alter, bringing a better understanding of what needs to change to achieve a balance.    

More than one treatment is usually indicated.

For more information on Polarity Therapy in Waterford, Ireland contact Holistic Therapist, Dolores Ronayne at her clinic in Ring (near Dungarvan). 

"True health is the Harmony of Life within us,
consisting of peace of mind, happiness and well-being.
It is not merely a question of physical fitness,
but is a result of the soul finding free expression
through the mind and body”.

Dr. Randolph Stone