Reflexology In Dungarvan

What is Reflexology?:
Reflexology is an holistic, non-invasive, and relaxing treatment. It uses a specific foot massage technique to stimulate the bodies self-healing abilities. 


  • Releases toxins, reduces stress and induces deep relaxation.
  • Helps to improve circulation of blood and lymph.
  • Aids the reproductive and digestive systems. 
  • Is beneficial in pregnancy, during childbirth and after.
  • Can help relieve many existing conditions.

Your Reflexology Treatment :

A time-out healing space for you, at RONHolistic Therapies. Carried out in a warm ambient space, treatments last one hour. Fully clothed, only removing footwear, you rest in comfort on the treatment couch. Gentle thumb and finger pressure applied to the feet helps the corresponding areas of the body to correct imbalances.
While one treatment is very beneficial a course of several treatments is often recommended. I will discuss this with you at the end of the session.                                          

Following treatment you will feel relaxed and have an improved sense of well-being.

Come, Put Your Feet Up and Enjoy !

For more information on Reflexology in Waterford, Ireland contact Holistic Therapist, Dolores Ronayne at her clinic in Ring (near Dungarvan).