Touch Therapy & Massage - for people Living with cancer

What is Touch Therapy & Massage  for clients  living with cancer ?
Touch Therapy for people living with cancer is based on comfort-oriented touch and massage which can be safely administered to people with cancer at any stage.

Touch Therapy & Massage

  • Can be a huge relief to those who are pre or post-operative, or who have had, or are undergoing, treatment for cancer.
  • Are caring, holistic treatments, which are physically and emotionally relaxing.
  • Provide substantial comfort and improved energy levels.
  • Significantly reduce stress and tension in body and mind.
  • Help relieve pain and improve well-being.

Your Touch Therapy & Massage Treatment
A gently holistic and caring treatment for you at RONHolistic Therapies. On your first visit, I consult with you about your general health, and any medical treatments you have had, or may be undergoing, to identify any precautions I need to observe. We discuss and agree on a treatment plan you are happy with. Treatments are carried out in a warm safe and comfortable space and last up to one hour. Depending on how you are on the day, and with regard to your comfort and safety, treatment sessions may consist of nurturing touch or gentle massage or may include both.

Touch Therapy and Massage are a welcome respite from having to cope with the concerns and difficulties of your condition. The healing power of touch will bring relief and relaxation to your body and mind.

Comeā€¦.treat yourself to some time-out-time !

For more information on Touch Therapy & Massage - for people Living with cancer, contact Holistic Therapist, Dolores Ronayne at her clinic in Ring (near Dungarvan).